Hackathon 4.0

Problem Statements

Hackathon will be conducted on 21st Sept 2019 in COEP at 2:30pm


This is a 24-hour hackathon to code, strategize and innovate some ingenious solutions to the most sought out real-life problem statements.


21st and 22nd Sept 2019

Problem Statements


Problem Statement

The problem statements will be released 2 weeks before the day of the hack on 9th Sept 2019. There will be 3 problem statements for the team to choose from.

Networking Session:

Before the hackathon starts, there will be a networking session for the participants to get to know their fellow comrades and get accustomed to the environment. Participants are encouraged to make the most of this time. After:

24-hour Hackathon:

All the participating teams will work round-the-clock on their problem statements for a period of 24 hours, starting at 3pm on 21st sept. At the end of the allotted time, the teams will give the final presentations in-front of the judges.

Rules :

Team size

4 participants per team.


₹ 300/- per team.

FAQs :

Q. Who can participate in the hackathon?
A. Any student with a valid college ID card and a receipt of registration may participate.

Q. I have never participated in a Hackathon. Should I participate in this one?
A. Everybody has a first time. We encourage first timers to participate in the Hackathon and get first-hand experience in building a real life product.

Q. Are cross college teams allowed?
A. Yes, participants from different colleges/institutions may form a team. However, one participant may not be a part of different teams for the same event.

Q. What should we bring along on the day of the event?
A. Participating teams are required to carry their registration receipts along with their valid college ID cards, laptops and any necessary laptop accessories.

Q. Will food be provided?
Will the participants have to pay extra?
A. Yes, food will be provided. Participants will be given meals throughout the duration of the Hackathon. Tea and Coffee will be served at appropriate timings.

Q. Will internet connection be provided?
A. Yes, internet connection will be provided on one computer at the venue. Participants must bring their own laptops to the event.

Q. Is on-spot registration available?
A. Yes, on-spot registration is allowed. Although, participants are requested to register before the event to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Q. Will there be any arrangement for entertainment?
A. We will arrange for entertainment for the teams. Hope you like some soccer games.

Q. Can one participant form a team?
A. Yes, individual participation will be allowed but it is advised that at least two participants form a team.