Problem Statements


This is a 24-hour Makeathon to conceptualize, design, strategize and implement ingenious solutions to the toughest industrial problem statements.


Participating teams will have to choose one of the problem statements provided. They can submit the abstracts up to the specified deadline before the event. After abstract submission only the selected teams will be invited to implement their prototype in the given time span of 24 hours and these prototypes will undergo various tests during this 24-hour timespan followed by the final presentation to be given to the judges. A list of equipment and machinery available on the day of event will be declared beforehand. The participants can use them during those 24 hours. The other equipment required by the participating teams will be their responsibility.

Team Fee structure

Team size : Maximum 4 participants per team.

Registration fee : ₹ 200 per team.


  • 01.

    Teams will be provided with problem statements on the MindSpark’19 website. They can choose any one problem statement.

  • 02.

    Participants should engineer a hardware application / system of their choice to best fit the solution of the given problem statement. A final abstract binding to the format of submission must be submitted before the deadline

  • 03.

    The teams will be expected to implement the exact design submitted in their abstract which will be put under test by mentors and judges during the 24 hours of its implementation.

  • 04.

    A list of machinery that will be made available on the day of event will be declared beforehand. Other necessary things have to be arranged for by the participants themselves.

  • 05.

    Participants must bring their registration receipts, college ID and various things which will be duly informed, while coming to event.

  • 06.

    . Rules may be changed without prior intimation. Participants are requested to check the website ( regularly for updates.

  • 07.

    . In case of any disputes, the decision of the organizers and the judges will be final and binding to all.


1Who can participate in the Makeathon?

. Any postgraduate, undergraduate student with a valid college ID card and a receipt of registration may participate.

2 Are cross college teams allowed?

Yes, participants from different colleges / institutions may form a team. However, one participant may not be a part of different teams for the same event.

3Can the same prototype be represented in two different domains?

No, one prototype will be judged only for one domain i.e. one team can register with only one problem statement.

4 Will food be provided?

Yes, food will be provided. Participants will be given meals throughout the Makeathon. Tea and Coffee will be served round the clock.

5 Will internet connection be provided?

. Yes, internet connection will be provided on one computer at the venue. Participants must bring their own laptops to the event.

6 Can one participant form a team?

Yes, individual participation will be allowed but it is advisable to form a team.

Problem statements

2. Auto-detecting Solar panel model.

• Design an auto-rotating, auto-photon detecting solar panel model that rotates in a direction where light is made incident on it.

REQUIRED SOLUTON: The solar panel model should rotate in the direction of light in a unidimensional (single axis) way. BONUS points will be awarded for multidimensional motion of the panel.

3. Safety Helmet

• Design a safety feature in a helmet such that it detects whether a person is wearing the helmet while driving an automobile. If not, then the vehicle will not start.

BONUS: Also design a feature in the phone (software) such that it switches off/silent the phone while driving and wearing the helmet.

4. Multicolour Pen

• Design a pen which can output different coloured inks upon selection of the same. It should give at least 15-20 coloured inks as output.

5. Remote controlled floor mop

• You have to design a remote-controlled mop that can be used and controlled by an application on android, and can move in any direction. The spreading angle of the mop should be 120-150 degrees.

REQUIRED SOLUTION: The motion of the device can be wheeled and the rod/ stick required for the mop should not be greater than 20cm. Device motion should not be dependent on the motion of the mop stick.

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