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Bridgestone India wants to develop Idea management platform (IMP) for its employees within India. Idea management Platform is a web-based tool for organizations to collaborate, collect, sort, evaluate, and implement innovative ideas that are produced by their workforce. Create Idea management platform hosted on local server which will enable Ideator to submit ideas and view the status of the idea evaluation.

Event Structure :

Platform will have 3 kind of stake holders:

1. Ideator : One who submit the idea on IMP

2. Innovation Champion / Jury member : One who evaluate the idea

3. Administrator : One who manage the entire program

Develop Workflow wireframe of idea management tool

Our Tech Preference : Python, DJango framework and Flask API Open-source database (MYSQL / Postgres)

Sample wireframe is just for reference of features & workflows. We welcome other creative & innovative ideas in terms of UI layout, design, uniqueness and technical functionality aspects


The elimination criteria will depend on the number of registrations and an aptitude test might be conducted if there are more number of registrations.

1. Functional

All features are incorporated and should be working conditions

Auto trigger of email to stakeholders

Authorization feature for at least for Admin

2. Non-Functional

Application performance for idea submission

Better UI / Innovative look and feel

Team and fee structure

Team size : Maximum 4 participants per team.
Registration fee : FREE!!


1. Teams will be given problem statements and develop a solution in the xx -hour time period.

2. Participants should develop an application of their choice to best fit the solution of the given problem statement. Mentors will connect with the teams online to help them and to check on what the teams are developing for some period of the event.

3. Every team will have to explain their product individually to our mentors and will have to give a final presentation to our judging panel, out of which the winner will be chosen.

4. Participants must present their registration receipts and college ID, before the event.

5. Rules may be changed without prior intimation. Participants are requested to check the official MindSpark’22 website ( regularly for updates

6. Winners will be chosen solely on discretion. In case of any disputes, the decision of the organizers and the judges will be final and binding to all.


1. If number of participants are less than 20 then only 2 winners will be selected.

2. If number of participants are less than 5 then only 1 winner will be selected.

3. If number of participants are less than or equal to 3 then event will be cancelled.


Q. Who can participate in the event?
A. Any student with a valid college ID card and a receipt of registration may participate.

Q. I have never participated in a Hackathon. Should I participate in this one?
A. Everybody has a first time. We encourage first timers to participate in the Hackathon and get first-hand experience in building a real life product.

Q. Are cross college teams allowed?
A. Yes, participants from different colleges/institutions may form a team. However, one participant may not be a part of different teams for the same event.

Q. Can one participant form a team?
A. Yes, individual participation will be allowed but it is advised that at least two participants form a team.


To participate in the event click on the Register Button.

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